Circus Project Week

Aerial Ring/ Hoop – Similar to Aerial Silks (Vertical Cloth), the difference being the hoop (the “ring”) rather than the flex. Once again, this sport originally comes from circus artistry. The basic structure of the Aerial Ring lies in acrobatics, which have been around for over 4000 years.

On the “Ring” the movement sequences and also upside down techniques are practiced in such a way that they almost seem to be floating. Here, too, the participant trains the entire body, as in any acrobatic sport. The aerial ring originated in the circus and through Vertical Fitness you can now explore the fascinating world of circus artistry. Get a taste of “circus air” and try out this great sport.

Are you afraid of hurting yourself doing these exercises? Safety is of course our top priority. Thick soft floor mats serve as protection and are located directly under the exercise stations. It also goes without saying that you only carry out the exercises after detailed instructions. “Step by step” – the course participants of Vertical Fitness are introduced to the figures and thus almost incidentally get the strength to be able to hold themselves on the ring, in the ring and also upside down on the ring.

Of course, our professional knowledge as fitness trainers and professional artists also flows into this course format. We begin and end each session with detailed warm-up, relaxation and stretching exercises. In this way, we also counteract painful muscle shortening that is often caused by your stressful everyday work.

We offer specialized course concepts for schoolchildren and young people, primarily as a change from the stress of learning. Healthy full-body training is the focus here.

We conduct course units in small groups, private training and groups with a maximum number of participants of 10 people. If there is sufficient demand, we also organize “Open Studio Hours”. For a small fee you can use the Vertical Silk and the Aerial Hoop for your own training.