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Born in Kiev 3 of October 1972 in the Ukraine.


1979-1987    I entered  states secondary school. During my studding, I was trained gymnastic and acrobatic. I became the rank „Master of Sport“ in sport acrobatic.

1987-1991   Entered  States Circus School in Kiev and graduated with Diploma Excellent.

1999-2001    Entered National University of Culture and Art in  Kiev.         


1989-1998 Artist the Moscow State Circus.

Since second course in the States Circus School, I was accepted as an equal part of the „Duo Fiesta“ act to the Moscow State Circus. Where I‘ve been working for 10 years.

As a part of our duet, I cooperated with many famous Circuses, Variety, Galas and  TV shows all over the world.

1991-1992   In East Europe with “Circus Wiellky” in Poland (the first performance out of USSR).

1992-1993     in West Europe with Gandies Circus” in England.

1993-1994  Circo de Sant – Peterburgo – Turne in South America.

1995-1996   “Connelly” and Cony Land in Switzerland.

1996-   Valentinas Variety (Switzerland).

1997 –  Les Terass (Zurich), Gala Concert (Basel). 

1997 until now:    „Ellena Fiesta“ – solo number.

 I created my own act „Ellena Fiesta“- contortion on the table and in the airialring in the Studio of Kiev State Circus.

1997-  In Germany- until now:

Starclub Variety (Kassel & Fulda), G.O.P. Variety (Essen, Bad Oeynhausen, Hanover), Luna Variety (Dortmund), Neues Theater, Alter Theater (Halbron), Et. Cetera Variety (Bochum), Apollo Variety (Düsseldorf), Circus Roncally, Variety – Palast Speyer (Speyer), Pegasus Variety (Bensheim), Dasdie Variety Brettl (Erfurt & Zeitz) and many, many other Gala’s (included Gala with Wanessa May for the Sonia Bogner’s show), BMW production (South Korea), Mercedes Benz Corporation, V.W. production..… and so on.

2001-   Williams Variety (Milano), Circus Massimo – TV-show (Rom), Mode-sport show (Milano).

2002 – until now:  „Ellena and Ingo“  – Adagio & Contortion.

This act was created in Berlin and Kiev Circus Schools. This is a love story, which establish on the real basis. Two people meet eachother and fall  in love from the first look.

2005- 2006:  Cruising with Italian company MSC, Spanish company Iberojet in Mediterranean See.

2006 – until now: New Act – „Desert Rose“  – Double Silk Act. This act was created in Barcelona, on board of Sheep „Grand Mistral“.

2008 – New Act – ” Fantasy” – Adagio Acrobatic.

2008 – Cruising with American Company Celebrity.

2009 – Tivoli Theater in Copenhagen (Denmark).

2010 – Bensheim Variete “Pegasus”.

2011-2012 Teacher in the Children Circus “La Luna”

2012- NCL Ship with solo Show “Pirates of the Ocean” ca. 45 min.


– Varite Et. Cetera (Bochum, Germany)